Just Follow the Bouncing Balls…

I’m going to be honest with you folks, this was the very first toy review I ever wrote (way back in November). It got a pretty good reception over at EdenFantasys (where it was originally published), and I’m still proud of it.

SmartBalls by FunFactory

The SmartBalls are Kegel exercisers that are meant to encourage you to get your PC muscles in great shape. They’re fun to use, though I actually prefer them for their intended use rather than strictly as a sex toy.

I’ve included some rather well known items in this picture so that you can get a sense of the actual size of the balls. The dimensions are approximately 1 3/8″ diameter and 4 1/2″ circumference, but I think the picture gives a pretty good idea of what size they are.

The toy consists of two balls joined together with a fairly seamless band right in the middle. Each ball is hollow and has a small weight inside of it that you can feel rolling around and producing wonderful rumbling sensations. A small pull cord made of the same material as the toy allows for quick and easy removal when you’re done playing.

The balls are made out of FunFactory’s Elastomed, which can be easily cleaned with an antibacterial toy cleaner and water. The nicest thing about this material, in my opinion, is that you can use water based and silicone based lubes with it. though you might not need any at all. The material claims to be “Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free” and I have no reason to doubt any of those claims. While pure silicone will always be my first love, it just isn’t a practical material for all toys, and for these hollow weighted balls, Elastomed was a great choice.

Like I said, I tend to use this toy strictly for its intended use as a Kegel exerciser, and not so much as a sex toy, though I have successfully incorporated it into my foreplay on a few occasions. While the sensations that it produced inside of me are lovely, they aren’t nearly strong enough to get me off or do much more than get my engine going.
I have to admit though, that when paired with a clitoral stimulator (your basic run-of-the-mill vibrator will do fine), I can get off with no problems, and I very much enjoy the sensation of the weights in the balls rolling around as I come.


First of all, I have to say that initially, I was skeptical about the SmartBalls, I debated over them intensely with my boyfriend before finally making the purchase. Part of this hesitation was me being indecisive, and part of it was that I just wasn’t sure if Kegel exercisers were going to be the right toy for me. I had read reviews for other such items (some of them in Cosmo, of all places), and thought that the idea was splendid. A way the strengthen my PC while having some form of sex? Count me in!

So I bought the SmartBalls and immediatly went home to play with them. The first thing I did was hold them in my hand and shake them around for about 20 solid minutes. I felt like I had one of those dumb-ass shake weights you see on the TV commercials, but I just couldn’t stop! I was hypnotized by the feel of those magical little balls rolling, bouncing and rumbling around in my hand. If they were so much fun to play with in my hand, I absolutely couldn’t wait to see what they would feel like in my vagina.

Getting them in took a little bit of work. The balls are each about 1 3/8″ in diameter (that’s the measurement across the widest part) and about 4 1/2″ in circumference (that’s the measurement about the widest part). Once I did get them in however I was very pleased with how well they sat and how unobtrusive they were. I had worried that the little pull cord would be obvious, but I honestly hardly even noticed it.
When I got them in I wiggled around a little bit, hoping to feel the intense rumbling I had felt when playing with them in my hand. At that, I was more than a little disappointed. While I could feel something rumbling around in there, it was hardly the Earth-shattering sensation that I had been hoping for.

They’re pretty great as Kegel exercisers though. If I’m wearing them while I do chores (cleaning, grocery shopping, etc) I can definitely feel them, and it reminds me to do my PC exercises. They’re fun to squeeze around and I absolutely love the way that I can feel them slide back into place as I relax my muscles. And like I said, I can feel those rumbling sensations that I loved, just not as intensely as I would have liked.

Over all, the SmartBalls are a fun way to keep your PC muscles in good shape, and remind you to do your exercises. While they do feel pretty darn good, the sensation is no where near enough to get me off. But that’s okay, I like using the balls more as exercisers than as sex toys.

This review first appeared over at EdenFantasys. Thanks for reading!

*Just a note, I paid for the SmartBalls myself, they were not given to me in exchange for my opinion or review*

You can get a pair of the SmartBalls for yourself at EdenFantasys (since this particular set doesn’t seem to be for sale on the FunFactory site anymore).

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