The Closest I’ve Ever Come…

This is the second review that I ever wrote and first appeared over at EdenFantasys, where you can still check it out and vote on it.

Pure Wand by nJoy

First of all, before I start this review properly, there’s something that you should know about me. I have never had an orgasm without something (or someone) touching my clit. Never-ever. I wish that I could pause here dramatically and say… “until now!” but alas, that simply wouldn’t be true. But that’s not to say that the Pure Wand isn’t a fantastic toy, it really is, and I’m going to try to convey that to you in this little review.
New Toy
The Pure Wand is made by nJoy, and comes in this fabulous box, which it turn comes in a very nice sleeve.
I was immediatly impressed by the packaging, because I think that the attention that a company pays to these kind of details (how well the packaging is made and presented) suggests attention to detail when it comes to making quality toys

The toy itself is very, very heavy. It reminds me of those Mag-Lites that my camp counselors used to threaten us misbehaving campers with every summer. It’s 3 lbs of solid stainless steel, which this site (EdenFantasys) describes as “a ferrous alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content.” The larger head has a diameter of 1 1/2″ and a circumference of 5 whopping inches. The small head has a diameter of 1″, and a circumference of 3.14159″ (my fiance points out that the circumference is actually 3.14″ because there are only 3 sig-figs on his calipers…).

The stainless steel is a great material in many ways. It’s smooth and seamless, which is always a plus when you’re going to be inserting something somewhere sensitive (trust me on that one). It’s super easy to clean and can be sterilized, which means that you don’t have to use a condom with this toy if you’re planning on sharing it with a friend or partner. You just need to boil the toy between uses.

Another great feature of stainless steel is that if you’re into temperature play, this thing can get really friggin’ cold. This is something that’s important to remember even if you’re not into temperature play (actually, especially if you’re not into temperature play), steel gets cold people! Please keep this in mind before you insert it into any of your orifices! It does warm up fairly quickly though (I suggest a nice soak in some mildly hot water), and will of course warm up as you use it.


I had heard bards sing epic ballads about the greatness of the Pure Wand. It is sometimes claimed by those in the know that the Pure Wand is the toy mentioned in the mysterious ‘lost’ passages of Chaucer’s The Miller’s Tale. This is truly a toy of legendary proportions…

Okay, I’m exaggerating here folks, but not by a lot. Pretty much everyone that I talk to about sex toys heavily praises the Pure Wand. It is known as the toy for G-spotting. So, I figured I would try it out, what have I got to lose, right?

So I bought myself the Pure Wand, desperately hopping that the whopping $107.99 I shelled out (for about 41.50 worth of steel I might add) would be worth it. And honestly, I have to say that it is! I started out with the smaller end, inserting it so that the large head curved up toward my belly-button. I was able to find my G-spot fairly easily even with the small head, and the cool steel felt amazing pressing up against it. I thrusted a few times experimentally and I practically jumped out of the bed. I had never in my life experienced such intense sensations coming from my G-spot. Clit, yes. G-spot, no, never before. I immediately switched to the larger head and I was not disappointed! The sensations were just as intense, but almost felt magnified over a slightly larger area.

For the first few moments I kind of felt like I had to pee, but since I had read that this was normal (and I’d already taken care of that) I was able to just relax and enjoy it. The weird ‘have-to-pee’ sensation passed fairly quickly and melted into an amazing pleasure.

I had read (and heard plenty of stories about) women who could actually ejaculate just by thrusting with the Pure Wand, and I was so excited to do that. But alas, it wasn’t mean to be. I’ve tried several different angles and positions, and while they all feel phenomenal, none of them has allowed me to be able to squirt like I’d dreamed of. But that’s okay – I’m not alone. I set up a little informal poll over on the forums (at EdenFantasys), and 18 people were kind enough to weigh in on the issue. 61% of them said that they were not able to come just by thrusting with the Pure Wand, but that it was still a very enjoyable experience (28% of people did claim to not only be able to come, but to squirt too!).

While I’m still holding out hope that one day I will be able to achieve an orgasm just by thrusting it up against my G-Spot, I’m not going to let that goal ruin my enjoyment of the toy. Moral of the story? Even if you can’t come just by using this toy, you should still try it out! I promise you that it’s an intense ride that you won’t soon forget!

We looked it up, but couldn’t find the Pure Wand in the AISC Steel Construction Manual (14th edition), but maybe it’ll be in the 15th?

You can get your very own Pure Wand straight from nJoy, or from


(Originally posted several weeks after the initial review)

It’s official, I want to change the title of my original review… Why you might ask? When I was writing my original review (after many happy experiments with nJoy’s legendary toy), I had never yet been able to come without some form of clitoral stimulation. I had heard that it was possible to do so with the Pure Wand, and I wanted the title of my review to be a nod to that rumor/legend.

Now, however, I can say that it is not just rumor, not pure speculation. I have officially had a non-clitoral orgasm! And I owe it all to the Pure Wand. I’ll admit that it took some time and some figuring out. I’m not well acquainted with my G-spot (so there was some maneuvering involved in trying to find the exact right placement of the toy), but I can already tell that we’re going to be good friends. Now I haven’t squirted or anything like that (yet), but I’m hoping that that’s right around the corner for me.

If there are any women out there who doubt their ability to come from vaginal stimulation alone, I highly (very very very highly) recommend the Pure Wand. Buy it, play with it, learn something amazing about yourself and your body. And most of all, “nJoy” it!

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