Labeling Laws

Hey again everyone!

I just wanted to let you guys know that all of my posts now have labels! Even though I’m not a fan of them in real life they can be darned helpful on a blog.

So far the labels I have are limited to describing what actually is in a post. For example, my review of the Pure Wand is labeled “nJoy, Dildos, Review” etc. Get the picture? I knew you would, you’re smart.

Other bloggers I love have such wonderful and imaginative tags for their posts. Hey Epiphora has wonderful tags like: Did Humans Even Test This? and Not For The Faint of Vagina on her blog. I envy her.

But for now, my tags will remain boring. I hope that they will at least be useful though. I think that they will, as I can already see how the system is allowing me to organize my posts more and find things quickly (this isn’t really an issue now, as I don’t have much content on the site yet, but I hope to fix that soon).

Alright, that’s all folks. See ya soon with more reviews and such!

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