It Came From The Deep!

Now I told myself that I wasn’t going to have any more posts in March (except for one that’s already scheduled – stay tuned!), but I had to share this with you guys.

*cue music from Jaws*
It came from the deapths of the ocean! Nah, I’m just fooling with you. I got it from edenfantasys!
It’s the Whipspider Rubberworks Tentacle, and I’ve been drooling over it for literally ages. It just came in the mail today, and I’ve already had a chance to test it out, that’s how desperate I was to own this beauty. Don’t worry a review will be coming (sometime in April or early May, I hope!), so stay tuned for that!
P.S. If you’re having a hard time remembering the Jaws theme, don’t worry! It’s on YouTube

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