First Fleshlight

You guuuuuys! Guess what finally came in the mail today!

My very first Fleshlight! The Jenna Haze Lotus (from the Fleshlight Girls line).

Or, rather, my fiance’s very first Fleshlight. It took months and months of pleading and begging, but he finally agreed to let me buy him his very first sex toy!

It’s not fair, I told him. I’ve got so very many toys, and you don’t have any. He pleaded that he didn’t need any. Poor thing. That’s what I thought too, before I started buying ALL THE DILDOS.

Anyway, now it’s here and it’s his and there’s nothing he can do about it. I hope that at some point in the future he and I will be able to collaborate on a review of the Jenna Haze Lotus. So keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned for more coming soon!

(Like my Luna Beads review, which will be up very very soon, I promise!)

2 thoughts on “First Fleshlight

  1. Your fiance sounds like mine. Actually, your whole situation sounds like mine. I had a hard plastic vibrator with a variety of speed and pattern settings in college. It was powered by D batteries, and when it died, I replaced it with the same one (seriously) probably because it was familiar and reliable. After the second one died, I bought a (Hitachi) Magic Wand, which I still have, but when I started reviewing sex toys, I started to want all the sex toys.I also felt like it was unfair for me to have a collection of vibrators and dildos and anal toys and glass toys when my fiance didn't have any toys that he could use solo. The only toys he played with were toys we used together. We were in a long distance relationship at that time and only saw each other twice a month, so I bought him his first Fleshlight so that he'd have a toy of his own when we were apart. He hesitated to use it at first, and it took him a while to warm up to the idea, but once he finally gave it a try, he ended up really liking it and even helped me review it.Now I want to buy him a new sleeve to give him some variety.


  2. I'm glad that your finace is getting some toys of his own! My fiance (err, husband now) still only has his Fleshlight, and he doesn't use it all that often. I want to get him some more toys/sleeves, but he seems perfectly content. Oh well.


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