The Long-Awaited Luna Beads Review

Before we start into this review, I need to clarify some terminology. I am going to be reviewing LELO’s Luna Beads. Because LELO calls them beads, I am going to call them beads. This is because I want to be cool and hip, and also because the word “balls” makes me giggle like a 10 year old boy.

Luna Bead Pleasure System by LELO
(Every Woman’s Fitness Essential!)
When I first started planning out this review, I decided that I wanted to keep a mini-journal detailing my experiences with the Luna Beads every day that I wore them. Then I would somehow compile those random thoughts and entries into one comprehensive and hopefully coherent review. So organized!
Well, I wasn’t exactly as organized as I had hoped to be, but I did journal about my experiences with the Luna Beads, and I’m going to share those experiences here with you nice folks.

But first, some basics:
Like all of LELO’s products, the Luna Beads come in a gorgeous and sturdy box that can easily be used for storage, even if discreetness is a concern for you.
The beads (all four of them) are made out of plastic, which is a non-porous, phthalates free material. The set also includes a silicone harness that is used to holster the beads when wearing more than one at a time.

Beads in their original packaging 

I’ve been cleaning my set by taking whichever beads I used out of the harness and washing the whole thing down with soap and water. You could also use an antibacterial toy cleaner or spray.
LELO claims that the plastic beads have undergone a process called “ultrasonic welding” and therefore they can be boiled to be 100% clean. However, I’ve heard that a few people had their beads open up slightly after boiling, so this isn’t a cleaning method that I will be attempting myself.

How about some stats?

The main feature of the Luna Bead Pleasure System (and its main selling point) is that it comes with 2 sets of beads. The pink set is supposedly for beginners, and the blue set for those already (or soon to be) used to kegel exercises.
Each bead comes with a little weight inside of it that rattles around when you shake them up. When worn, these beads not only add weight (and therefore increase the amount of exercise you’re getting in) but they add an interesting vibrating sensation as well. And (at least in my experience) you can really feel the vibrations too! I mean, these aren’t earth-shattering orgasm inducing type vibrations, but they are noticeable and I quite enjoy the sensation. 

See the little weight? Isn’t it cute?

The pink beads weigh about 28 grams each, and the blue beads weigh ~37 grams a piece. That’s 1oz and 1.3oz respectively. The point here is that you can start out with a single pink bead, and work your way up to using both blue beads at a time to strengthen your PC muscles.
The beads themselves are on the small side, about 1.25″ a piece (but when both are inserted into the girdle the whole contraption totals in at about 3.5″).

~ 3.5″

Speaking of the girdle/harness, let me just quickly mention that I do have one tinney little pet-peeve in regard to these beads. They don’t fit in the stupid harness the way I want them to! Okay, maybe that’s not exactly fair, but it bothers me. The beads themselves have grooves to show you how they are supposed to line up with the harness, but try as I might, I cannot get them to line up 100%. While this really doesn’t matter at all for the functionality of the set, it bothers my perfectionism. 

The grooves, they bother me…
Other than that little flaw (which, granted, is my own issue), I’m very satisfied with the beads. Even though I have a set of kegel exercisers (hi SmartBalls!) that I like to think I’m pretty experienced with, I still started off with the single pink bead. It was a bit of a novel experience for me, having only ever used a double-ball set before. And I have to admit that I quite liked it. The single bead was small enough to make insertion a breeze (even without lube), but large enough and heavy enough to be noticeable

At least, it was at first. I wore the single pink bead for several days in a row, and for most of that time I remembered to do my kegels. After a few days however the single bead wasn’t really making itself as known, and I switched to 2 pink beads. Again, I was immediately aware of their presence but not in a bad or uncomfortable way. (*a note: the harness did pinch slightly the first few times I wore it. After a bit I realized this was because I wasn’t inserting the harness and beads quite far enough. Once they were far enough in, the pinching sensation went away and has not returned*)

After a few days of wearing both pink beads, I switched to a single blue bead and I noticed a difference right away. You wouldn’t think that a difference of just 0.3oz would really be that noticeable  but it was. I found myself working a lot harder to keep the bead where it was supposed to be, and subsequently, I got a lot more kegels in per day when wearing the blue bead. Also, maybe it’s because the weight is heavier, but I can feel more of that vibration sensation I was talking about when using the blue beads vs. the pink beads.

Very recently I switched to wearing both blue beads, and I’m still loving the way they work. I’m actually remembering to do my kegels! (at least, when I can remember to wear the beads in the first place) Out of all of the beads/combinations, I think that the 2 blue beads are my favorite. Even sitting here typing up this review (which isn’t exactly strenuous physical activity) I can feel them rolling around slightly, reminding me that they’re there and that I’m supposed to be exercising.

A Summary?
LELO’s Luna Beads are a great system for builing up your kegel routine. They provide different weights that can be mixed and matched to suit any level of intensity. A beginner to kegels? Use the pink bead. More advanced? Go straight to 2 blues beads (do not pass GO, do not collect $200).
Like all of LELO’s products, the Luna Beads are made out of easy to clean, body safe materials and come with a 1 year warranty.
I would recommend this set to anyone out there who’s looking to get into kegel exercises. Because of the variety of the weights they’re great for establishing a routine. Even if you’re a more advanced kegeler, this can still be a great set for you. I thought I had the whole kegel thing down, until I tried the blue beads. Seriously people, I’m fighting gravity just sitting here!
Want to get a set of your own? You can always pick them up straight from LELO, or you can get them from edenfantasies (you can even use my affiliate link if you’d like). 
The beads retail for about $42.00 US, which is admittedly  a bit pricey. But I’m of the opinion that you don’t really want to skimp on sex toys or exercise equipment, and this item just happens to be both!
Happy kegeling! (that’s a word, right?)

Here’s a list of some things I did with my Luna Beads In:
Went to a job interview
Got hired for a new job (see above)
Went shopping
Hung out with friends
Watched movies
Exercised (at home and at the gym)

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