National Masturbation Month!

Happy National Masturbation Month! I know I’m a little bit late to the party (fashionably late, as I like to think of it), but May is, you guessed it: National Masturbation Month!
Let me say it again, because I really like the way it sounds:

National Masturbation Month!

Ah, doesn’t that just sound awesome? And it really is. After all, masturbation is sex with someone you love. Okay okay, I know that’s cliche. But there really are advantages to masturbating. Like what? you ask. Good question.
First of all, masturbation is the safest form of sex you can have. You’re not going to catch anything, and no one’s going to get knocked up.
It’s also free! There are obviously more expensive options (ie toys), but almost everybody already comes with the basic equipment they’ll need to get started! (your hands/fingers can really be your best friends. Especially if you live in a crowded dorm or don’t want to spend money on toys.)

But you don’t have to take my word for it. There are lots of more reputable (at least, more reputable than some random blogger on the internet… hi!) sources who’ll totally back me up on this one.


Planned Parenthood, who advocate for masturbation as the safest form of sex out there.

And Scarleteen, where you can find lots of fabulous information about how to masturbate. Their site is primarily aimed at teens and preteens, but it’s got loads of wonderful information that’s great for all of us. Seriously, who couldn’t use a refresher about masturbation?

Also, did you know that masturbating can help you lose weight? At least it can if you’re replacing snacking with orgasming! Meet the Orgasm Diet! Started by NymphomaniacNess, some of us on twitter (like SugarCunt and others) got really into it and decided to join up.
You can participate too! It’s really easy: Instead of reaching for that slice of delicious delicious cake, reach for a dildo instead, and have yourself an orgasm!* (hmm, idea for a new series of YouTube videos… Cake vs. Dildo! There can be only one!)

If you’d like to participate, check it out on twitter!

And finally, in honor of National Masturbation Month, I wanted to give a shout out to a brand new non-profit that is working hard to make sure that our orgasms are safer orgasms.

Dildology is a brand new company that will be testing the materials of different toys and products to let us as consumers know just what exactly is going into our collective vaginas. As they point out, the sex toy industry is unregulated. There’s no FDA to prevent companies from masking dangerous chemicals and materials behind the banner of “100% Silicone!”. Thus, Dildology was born. I’ll be writing more about them soon, but I wanted to give you guys a brief intro here. Go check them out!

Okay, that’s it for now, but I’ve got a lot more cool stuff planned for the rest of the month. I’m hoping to have 2 new reviews up, plus the most awesomest “Mail-Call” post yet. Stay tuned! I’ll also be writing more about Dildology, and why we should all get behind their mission statement!

And finally, I will leave you with this:

It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Why are you still reading? I’m done. Go masturbate!

*I can’t actually promise that you’ll lose weight this way. I’m not a doctor or even a health care professional  I’m a blogger and have no reputable credentials (haven’t we been over that before?). But I can promise you that it’ll be a hell of a lot more fun than most other diets out there. While all of your friends are counting calories to get in shape for bikini season you’ll be having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. I think you’ll agree that that’s more fun.

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