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International Mail-Call!

Welcome to the “International” edition of Mail-Call!

I’ve gotten some truly awesome stuff in the mail over the last week, and I’m psyched to finally be able to share it with you guys!

First up, all the way from Switzerland (a mere 4,100 miles from my humble home) is the iGino! The iGino is a clit vibe currently being crowd-funded, and one I’m psyched to get to test and review!

Looks just like an iPhone, doesn’t it? …

Then, from a little bit closer to home (at only about 3,900 miles) is La Tour est Folle all the way from, you guessed it, France! I think the picture here speaks for itself…

Guess what this one’s supposed to be…

I’m so excited to get to review these toys and share my thoughts with you guys. You can keep an eye out for my review of the iGino sometime before the end of this month, and my review of la tour should be up in June!

Bonus Picture:

The people in customs probably had a good chuckle over this one :o)

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