Hello there wonderful lovely folks! How are you on this fine June day?

I just wanted to throw together a quick post to talk about some of the changes you’ve all been noticing on the blog. Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong… probably.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

First, and biggest, I’ve moved! Domains that is. Yup, that’s right, I’ve got my very own, brand-spanking-new domain name now! Right at the top of the page! Did you notice it? Did ya? ‘Cause I couldn’t shut up about it on twitter. :o) What can I say? I’m excited. It’s like a milestone for me in terms of my blogging and reviewing. I sort of started out reviewing as something fun to do in my spare time. But over the past few months I’ve gotten much more serious about it, and I’m honestly just having too much fun to quit now. Buying my domain is a way for me to show that I plan to be doing this for a while.

Next (and not quite as exciting) you might have noticed my shiny new social media buttons right over there in the side bar. Clicking on them will take you right to my RSS feed (you should subscribe! Was that subtle enough?), my twitter account, and my facebook page.

Which brings me to my next piece of news… I’ve got a facebook page now! It’s at, which is long and awkward to type, so go ahead and just click on the shiny new button (come on, you know you want to!). And while you’re there, you can “like” the page if you want to. Which means that every time I post a new blog entry, or share something super-duper cool, it’ll pop up in your “timeline”. You won’t have to check the blog obsessively (like you do), to see new posts and reviews anymore!

But, if you do hit F5 like it’s going out of style, then you’ve probably noticed something else new, namely, my GoodVibes banner! I’m now part of their affiliate program, and I’d absolutely love it if you used my affiliate link when getting some goodness over there. You can do that by clicking on their banner (and isn’t it a pretty one?), or clicking on their link under the “Stores I Love to Support” list! Again, I do get a commission from these sales, but it’s not paying my rent or anything, so don’t sweat it if you’re not interested. Although they’re just a really cool store in general, and you should support them, you know, ’cause they’re cool and junk.

Well, I think that just about wraps things up for now. I’ve probably bored you fine people to death already anyways. But if I haven’t, and you’re still hanging in with me…

Stay tuned for some exciting reviews coming up over the rest of the month. I’m going to be reviewing the weirdest toy it has ever been my pleasure to own (and that includes my tentacle), La Tour est Folle! I will also (hopefully) be reviewing a brand new vibe by FunFactory (courtesy of edenfantasys). And, if I have enough time between Works and wedding planning, I’ll be reviewing that tentacle I mentioned.

Alright, scram. No loitering! :o)

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