Review · Teaser

Mini Mail-Call

I just wanted to throw-up a quick, mini, mail-call post to share two things that were delivered to me today.

First up is a new “mini” vibe from FunFactory called the Flash (there will be many super-hero jokes to be had, I can already tell):

It’s orange, I die! :o)

Look for a review of this cute little vibe before the end of June. Or, you could subscribe, and be notified when it goes up.

And second, while this isn’t really toy-related at all, I just had to share it. Our wedding rings came in the mail today! I haven’t opened the package yet, as I’m waiting to see my fiance tonight and we’ll open it together. But I’m super psyched!

Alright, that about wraps up this Mail-Call. Look for two exciting new reviews coming in the next few weeks, and maybe even a bonus review if I can find a few extra hours to rub together.

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