69 "O"s In A Row!

Okay, I’ll admit that when I first picked up my copy of The Big Book of Orgasms, I went about reading it in entirely the wrong way.
Wrong, you say, how can that be?
Well you see, I’m the kind of person who feels compelled to read a book (any book) from cover to cover, starting at the beginning.
Now you might already see where this is going. Cover to cover is not always the best way to read a collection of different stories. And especially a collection such as this one, which is clearly meant to be browsed through at a leisurely pace.
You see The Big Book of Orgasms is exactly what it sounds like (except for the Big part, the book’s actually perfectly compact), it’s a collection of 69 short stories all featuring and focusing on the Big O. The stories cover a wide range of topics and situations. There are solos and couples and threesomes; straight, gay, bi, lesbian and everything in between. There’s even a story about a girl getting freaky with a guitar amp! The authors are so creative with the different situations that they put their characters into, I have no idea how they all do it, but I admire the heck out of them.

I bet we can all figure out why there are exactly 69 stories in this collection, but one of the advantages of that is that there’s something in here for almost everyone. Do you like BDSM? It’s in there. An artist masturbating in public as part of a gallery show? It’s in there. A gender-swaped couple? It’s in there.1 Random elevator hook-ups? They’re in there!

Okay, I can tell you’re waiting for me to just get to the good part already. Sure, there’s variety, I can hear you saying, but is it hot?

Yes, yes it is. Or at least, a large percentage of the stories that I read are hot. Which is exactly as it should be. Like I said, there’s something in this collection for almost everyone, thus conversely, there are some things in this collection that are not for everyone. Now, that’s not to say that I came across any stories that were in any way offensive or out of line, not at all. But I did come across a few that were, to me at least, meh.

And that’s fine! Like I said, not every story in this book is going to do it for every reader out there, that would be impossible. But out of the stories I read, I feel very comfortable saying that about 80% of them really turned me on, and that’s a lot!

So in conclusion ladies, gentlemen, and people of all genders, what did I think of The Big Book of Orgasms? I freakin’ loved it! This is a book that’s going to stay a part of my permanent erotica collection. It’s the kind of book that I’m going to (and have been) grab again and again when the mood strikes me. I’ll flip around and find something new, or maybe return to a story that I’ve already read and loved. But whichever it’ll be, I know that I’m going to enjoy this book for many orgasms to come!

Want to grab a copy of your own? You can pick up a copy of your own from Amazon.comGoodVibes and many other fine retailers.

Thank you to Rachel Kramer Bussel (the editor of this fine work) 
for sending me my copy in exchange for my honest review! 
Thanks again to Rachel and Cleis Press!

1. In case you’re curious, the story in question is “Remote Control” by Logan Zachary, and it’s my favorite.

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