Submit! To Pleasure

A few months ago when Rachel Kramer Bussel over at Cleis Press asked me if I wanted to review another book for them, I almost literally jumped at the chance. See, right now I’m actually in graduate school, working on getting my Master’s of Library and Information Science degree (so that I can be a librarian) and books, are kinda my thing. And even if BDSM (the theme of this collection, as you’ll see shortly) isn’t my go-to kink, I still wanted to read some hot stories about it, and get a chance to tell you nice folks what I thought! So, without any more ado at all, let’s dive into the Big Book of Submission.

The Big Book of Submission is a collection of “69 Kinky Tales”, all on the topic of BDSM. But that’s pretty much the only thing all of these stories have in common.

  • One story is about a voyeur, watching the couple across the street have some fun with spanking. 
  • Another is about a man who discovers that his new personal trainer has some unique methods for getting results.
  • The Dear Sir is in the form of a letter from a sub to her dom, detailing the fun evening that they had together.
  • And yet another story is all about the artistic use of ropes in a non-traditional photo-shoot.
And that’s just a quick sample of all the kinky fun that’s to be had between the covers of The Big Book of Submission. I don’t want to go as far as to say that there’s something for everyone in this book, you probably have to enjoy a good spanking story to really get the most out of the book, but there’s enough variety to keep you on your toes, so to speak.
Now what about me? I already told you that BDSM isn’t exactly my go-to kink, so did I like the book? Absolutely. While being spanked (and frankly, reading about spanking) doesn’t really turn me on, well written erotica does, and this book has that in spades! Ever since I first started to masturbate, my material of choice has always been erotica. While my peers were discovering internet porn, I was consuming erotic fiction at an alarming rate. And I would dabble into everything. Lesbian porn, Gay male porn (still my favorite), stories about BDSM, sex toys, even erotic horror. I could get myself off to a story of almost any genre, as long as it was well written, and these stories hit that mark!
But are the stories hot enough to get me going? Is what you might be asking yourself (or me) right now. Well, for that, I’ll have to refer you to my poor husband, who got jumped last night while I was browsing through some of my favorite stories in preparation for this review. When asked for a comment he said:
“Sex with you is always wonderful. I love you. I’m not being helpful, am I?”
Well… no dear, not super helpful. But I love you anyway.
I guess if you want to find out if these 69 stories are hot enough to get you off, you’ll just have to pick up a copy and try for yourself! If you like well written erotica of the BDSM variety (that also touches on a lot of other themes, like gender identity and marriage), then you won’t be disappointed in The Big Book of Submission. And if all else fails, I’m sure you’ll get a laugh out of the piece Story Time in which, as punishment, a sub has to read excerpts from everyone’s “favorite” BDSM romance novel to her dom.

If you liked this review, check out all of the other cool reviews on the Big Book of Submission blog tour that’s happening right now! You can see their tumblr page here! And of course, go get your own kinky copy on amazon!
Thank you to Rachel Kramer Bussel (the editor of this kinky book) 
for sending me my free copy in exchange for my honest review!
Thank you again Rachel, and thanks to Cleis Press too!

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