The 60 Bulet

I don’t have many bullets. Or like, any bullets. So when SXOhh reached out to me on instagram to ask if I’d be interested in trying their 60 Bullet, I jumped at the opportunity. Since I first started buying sex toys in college, I’ve wanted a small, discreet, portable vibrator. While I love the vibrators I have now, most of them are neither small, nor particularly discreet (I’m lookin’ at you Hitachi…), so I was extra excited to try this little bullet.

60 Bullet

Here you can see the gorgeous teal color of the bullet against a multi-colored background

Not having any bullets, I didn’t really know what to expect the first time this one. Should I expect big rumbly vibrations? Should I look forward to strong, pinpointed vibrations? Both? Apparently, it was both.

Despite its size, the vibrations are surprisingly powerful. It’s strong, and got me off pretty quickly the first time I used it. Then I turned the settings down to a lower intensity and was able to build up to a second orgasm which was even more intense than the first. That’s a nice feature that I can’t get away with with my Hitachi.

The pointed tip offers some really pinpointed stimulation, which is nice, but there really isn’t any good place to hold the bullet. It’s got a little gripy section near the end, but it’s very…. buzzy. When the bullet is turned on (to any speed and pattern) the whole thing buzzes, which means that after just a few minutes my hand gets really tired of holding it. I understand that it’s a small toy (its portability is one of the things I really like about it), but it would have been nice if there was somewhere to grip it that didn’t send a lot of the vibrations straight up my wrist.

Pressing either arrow button on the bottom of the bullet starts up a sequence of 7 different speeds/intensities and then the 13 different patterns. So you can’t change the intensity on the patterns, which would have been nice. To turn it off, you hold either button for a few seconds. I have to say that I don’t love this mechanism. I prefer toys that just turn off when you press the off button, rather than having to wait. And I keep accidentally turning it off when I’m trying to scroll through the patterns and intensity settings, which is not fun when I’m building up to a good orgasm.

Here you can see the two arrow buttons on the base of the bullet,
as well as the magnetic “click to charge” ports
It might be buzzy, but the 60 Bullet is surprisingly quiet considering how powerful its motor is, which is another nice feature if you’re looking for a discreet toy. A person in the same room as you will probably hear it (even if you’re using it under the covers), but a person in the next room or downstairs will not. That’s not something I can say about some of my other toys…
The 60 Bullet is rechargeable and uses a “click to charge” system that I really love, and it holds a charge for a very long time. I’ve been using this bullet a lot recently and I honestly can’t remember the last time I charged it. I should uh, probably go do that…

Over all, I really enjoyed this little bullet. It’s a little on the pricey side, but you really get what you pay for, a strong, high-quality bullet that will get you off. It’s quiet (but a bit buzzy) and small enough to travel with discreetly. It’s soft to touch and rumbly enough to get the job done.

If you’d like your own 60 Bullet to try out, you can pick one up here.
Thank you again to SXOhh for sending me this fun little bullet in exchange for my honest review. And folks, I want to quickly tell you what a freakin’ delight this company has been to work with. Some of you may have seen my little insta post where I mentioned that the 60 Bullet was a bit uh… linty, out of the box. What you don’t know is that the company contacted me pretty much right away to let me know that they were passing the information along to their manufacturing team to see what they could do about changing the packaging. You guys, this is awesome. I love when companies are genuinely open to customer feedback, and actually willing to make changes.

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