The Butters “Palm Grease”

I have a confession to make. I don’t use lube. Or at least, not as often as I should. I don’t know why. I know that lube makes everything better, I’m just… lazy I guess. Part of the issue is that I’ve never really had good quality lubes before. When I first started buying myself sex toys I picked up some cheap water based lube from the drug store, and then… never really used it.

At some point I heard about how awesome silicone lube was, so I picked up a bottle, but since I couldn’t use it with most of my toys, it ended up just sitting in my drawer (though I did use it when I stretched my ears!)

It’s only recently that I’ve begun to build up my collection of good quality lubes, and I’m super excited to be able to add a The Butters Hygienics product to that collection.

The Butters is a company that I had heard such good things about for a long time, but since I’m possibly allergic to shea (I have a tree nut allergy, and am very leary about trying products I’m uncertain about, especially in sensitive areas) I didn’t think I would be able to use any of their products. But then they reached out to me, and cheerfully informed me that they actually carry lots of items that don’t have shea! Woo-hoo!

So I picked up some Palm Grease to try out

A small (4.1 oz) blue jar filled with viscous white lube

The first thing I noticed when I opened the jar was the texture. It wasn’t what I was expecting. Up until now I’ve only had water or silicone based lubes, which typically come in a more liquidy form. So I wasn’t exactly expecting to open up the container of Palm Grease and see what looked like a solid. Right away I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, as I sometimes have issues with unexpected textures. I was game to try it though, and happily, the texture didn’t bother me at all. Actually, I really like it. It feels a lot like coconut oil.

The lube is a solid(ish) at room temperature, but easily melts down to a more liquidy state just from being exposed to the temperature of your hand(s) and/or body parts. Much to my delight, the thicker texture actually makes it stay on toys and body parts longer. Watery lubes tend to drip and get all over the place (like on my bed sheets…) Palm Grease stays where I put it, and doesn’t drip. I’m already sold.

Because it stays where I put it, it works really well as lube. It’s advertised for “Fist fucking, dick stroking, [and] long play” and yeah, I can totally see that. It was great for anal play, and especially in the bath tub! I don’t masturbate in the tub as often as I want to, and one of the reasons why is that I didn’t have a lube that works well under water. Well, that’s not a problem anymore! 

The bottom of a B-Vibe plug, with a white residue
sitting in the groves of the lettering

Speaking of anal play, it has a great butt-feel! Other lubes I’ve used have left me feeling … kinda oily and greasy, even after clean-up. Palm Grease (despite having the word in the name) didn’t. After clean up I just felt clean? And that was really nice.

I did notice that it left a bit of a residue on my B-Vibe plug (which is a silicone toy with a “matte” finish) I guess because I forgot to clean out the little grooves of the writing on the bottom of the base. I tested the Palm Grease to see if it would leave a residue on other toys, and it did leave a residue on silicone toys, but this isn’t a big deal as long as you clean your toys thoroughly after use. 

The Butters Hygienics Co. is a small, local (to me anyway) company that hand-makes all of their products. My Palm Grease has a batch number and an expiration date, which tells me that the people who made it are confident in their product, and dedicated to it. Like I said earlier, I was really happy that they reached out to me about this product, and I will 100% be purchasing from them again in the future!

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