Sex Toy Reviewer Medieval Illumination Series pt. 3

It is time to once again for us to travel back to the Middle Ages to study the fine art of manuscript illumination. Get out your pencils and notebooks class because today’s lecture will be about…

Okay, no, we’re not going to do that. We’re just gonna bastardize medieval illuminations and warp them to suite our twisted needs. That sounds like way more fun, doesn’t it?1

What does that mean? Why it must mean that it is time for another instalment in my Sex Toy Reviewer Medieval Illumination Series! (Note to self: Come up with a better name for this series, ASAP2) So without further ado, here is my:

Sex Toy Reviewer Medieval Illumination #3:

Who is my latest victim? It’s the incomparable Tabitha Rayne, author and entrepreneur holding her very own creation, the ridable Ruby Glow vibrator!

This time my inspiration didn’t come from a manuscript, but rather an archery-themed decoration on a 14th C wooden box from Germany. You can check out the original here!

Want to be a part of this series? Have a name suggestion for me? Want to share ideas and inspiration for me? Leave a comment here or come find me on twitter! My DMs are open!

Be well friends, and I’ll see you soon!

1. Though I do love a good lecture, don’t get me wrong.

2. I’m taking suggestions!

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