Sex Toy Reviewer Medieval Illumination Series pt. 5

Readers, have you been thinking to yourself “I wonder when Septimus is going to get around to painting another Medieval-Style Illuminated Dildo Portrait™?” Well, wonder no longer, for the time has arrived! Yes, it’s finally time to unveil the next victim, er volunteer who so kindly agreed to let me paint them for this increasingly unhinged series.

And just who is that kind person? Why it’s the Dong Sommelier himself! My very first distinguished gentleman to be rendered in authentic fake Medieval style.

The Sommelier can be seen here dual-wielding two of his favorite dildos. From left to right: the Nox by Bad Dragon and the Ceela by Strange Bedfellas!

I took my inspiration from an illumination in a 13th Century Spanish manuscript showing a Viscount blessing his daughter’s marriage to a Count. You can see the original here

As always, if you’d like to be a part of this series, please let me know! You can comment here, or reach me on Twitter or Instagram!

Until next time friends.

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