Good Vibrations Pilgrimage!

Back in November, my husband was asked to attend a work-related conference in San Fransisco. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to leave the cold and miserable MidWest and head out to sunnier climes for a long weekend. We have family in the area, so there was another incentive to make the trip.

While hubs was at his conference, I spent a few days wandering around the city, doing all the touristy things. I took a tour of Alcatraz National Park, visited the Cable Car Museum (and got to ride on one!) and the SFMOMA. I even got a private tour of the American Bookbinders Museum (one of the city’s hidden gems).

But no trip to San Fransisco would be complete without a pilgrimage to Good Vibrations! Our hotel was only a 20 minute walk from the Polk St. location, and while there was a store a little closer to us, we really wanted to see the Antique Vibrator Museum! (or at least, I really wanted to see it!) So we took a nice quick walk… uphill… the entire way… I mean, I know intellectually that San Fransisco is all hills, but it’s different when you’re actually climbing them.

But every minute of that climb was so worth it! It’s been years since I’ve shopped for sex toys in person, and I didn’t have the best memories of it (visiting seedy adult “novelty” stores as a young woman, feeling so unwelcome and out of place). Good Vibes was so different though! It was clean and well-lit, with a big sign outside proudly proclaiming the name of the store, and a big, open picture window. The selection was huge! And the staff were helpful, but not pushy. I quickly found a few toys that I wanted, but lingered to browse and enjoy myself. I didn’t feel like I needed to grab my purchases and leave before I got creeped on.

 And…. and there was the antique vibrator museum! Which was just beyond cool. I was super impressed with how many antique and vintage vibrators they had, and how nicely they were displayed. It really was like a little museum!
It was neat to see some really old vibes, and some that looked… kinda familiar. I’m looking at you Hitachi Magic Wand!

All in all, my husband and I had a great experience at the store. It was worlds away from buying crappy jelly toys at the local adult bookstore when I was just a wee little thing. I really just felt like I was in any other store, picking up something that I needed/wanted. I didn’t feel creepy, out of place or ashamed. I just felt happy, and glad to be there.

Thanks Good Vibes, for being such an amazing store, and an amazing place to buy toys. I probably won’t be back to your brick-and-motor store(s) any time real soon, since I don’t like in the right area, but next time I’m in the City by the Bay, you can bet I’ll be stopping by!

Thanks again to the staff at the Good Vibrations Polk St store who were friendly and funny, and didn’t mind me asking a lot of questions about the museum! You guys really made the experience memorable.

Also, if you’re curious, I bought the Stronic Eins in purple and the Pop Tops Deluxe G-spotter, also in purple. I’ll have reviews for both of them coming up in the next few months or so, so stick around!

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