Feed Me?

Hey there loyal readers! Just a quick bit of site newsiness before we jump into more reviews!

The blog now has a lovely little orange button in its top right-hand corner. Isn’t it lovely? But this button is more than mere decoration, it serves a purpose, I promise you.

SlightlyTickled (of Just Play With It…) sent me this message on twitter a few days ago:

Not surprisingly (because I am fairly clueless when it comes to blog-things), this was my response:
So I did! What that pretty orange button does is allow you to subscribe to my blog! You can get updates (and more new reviews, I promise) in your very own RSS reader (I use Google Reader, but that’s just me)!
So go ahead, make my day, subscribe to the blog, and you can be the first (or the second or third, or maybe fourth?) to see new and exciting posts like:
  • my prettied-up review of Evolved’s Desire
  • my brand-new review of LELO’s Luna Bead Pleasure System (isn’t that a fancy name?)    and
  • Randy (AKA The Beast)
Since I got some sweet-ass social media buttons, I moved the “Subscribe to RSS” button down a bit. It’s still there, and it’s still orange, it’s just now nestled between my facebook button and my twitter button! Check ’em all out!

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