Sex Toy Reviewer Medieval Illumination Series pt. 2

I completely neglected to post this back in December when I actually finished the illumination! Ack! *Bad Septimus!* Oops, oh well, better late than never, right? Right???

Once I decided that it was in fact a good idea to draw up medieval style portraits of my sex toy reviewer friends, I had to decide who my victims, err, subjects were going to be. I asked on twitter and was again completely overwhelmed by the number of eager responses!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered! I made up a little list for myself of all the tributes (in rough order) and I promise that I’ll get to every single one of you, though it may take … a little while. But slowly, surly, I’m getting through my list… which brings us to…

Sex Toy Reviewer Medieval Illumination #2:

Who is this mystery Lady duel-wielding a whip and a tentacle dildo? Why it’s Lady Daire of House Phryxus!

And of course, because I’m both a good SCAdian, and an information professional, I cite my sources. This portrait is based off of a piece of marginalia from the Gorleston Psalter (MS 49622), f. 209r.

Would you like to be one of my next victims subjects? Let me know! Leave a comment here on the blog or feel free to shoot me a message on twitter, my DMs are always open!

Stay safe friends, and I’ll see you soon.

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